Hey Y’all!

My name’s Joe and I'm a Mental Health Journalist based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Through my struggles with anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction, I wish to show others, that everyone is capable of improving their circumstances.

I'm sharing my story, as an experiment, to see if it is possible live a life of health, wellness, and happiness.

Tips for Success - Tip #2 - Todd Herman's Goal Setting Technique

Another very practical jewel I've incorporated into my life, is a new goal setting technique by performance coach Todd Herman who'm I heard on the smart passive income podcast. Todd is a performance coach for athletes, and has since opened up his coaching to business professionals. Working closely with neurobiologists and neuroscientists, he discovered the pitfalls of setting long-term goals.

90 Day Goals

He explains that the brain can only comprehend effective goal and achievement out to 90 days. Beyond that, the brain cannot close the gap to achievement fast enough, so we are left feeling like we have failed having not tangibly moved closer to our long-term goals.

Todd reiterates, it's important to keep a long-term vision in mind. But in terms of actionable steps and goals, it is far more effective to use his technique which focusses on a person's weakest areas in 90 day segments.

2 Week Sprints

Further to that process, mini goals are set and measured every two-weeks that are actionable, that bring one closer to their 90 day goals. There by naturally increasing a persons confidence having seen measurable results every 2 weeks.

He states, that there will be setbacks for people that are experimenting with this technique, and just to be patient and massage the process of setting goals and achieving results every two weeks and that by doing you will be moving definitively towards your goal, and will be so much farther ahead than most other people.

In order to set these goals, Todd says to look at the skills that would have the most impact on your life if you were to improve upon them and only focus on three of these skills and set goals around them. My goals were to have a small regular social life, to blog consistently, and also to develop morning routine. I have specific targets that I set quite high I realize and have not met yet, though I am not through my 90 days yet.

But having re-evaluated these goals, I have made improvements, and gained traction and consistency in each of these areas definitively, and I feel proud about that.


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