Hey Y’all!

My name’s Joe and I'm a Mental Health Journalist based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Through my struggles with anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction, I wish to show others, that everyone is capable of improving their circumstances.

I'm sharing my story, as an experiment, to see if it is possible live a life of health, wellness, and happiness.

Goal: Healing the Minds of Others

I went back into the archives again, and once again discovered, that my previous ambitions were in line with my purpose and mission in life. Sometimes, we're smarter than we think and should learn to listen to our own intuition, before we listen to others. 3 years ago I had started another blog about mental health but somewhere along the way, I talked myself out of it with excuses like I can never make a living through my writing, or who cares what I have to say.

Although, the path to my goal has changed over the years, I realized the goal itself has remained the same which is to help people heal their minds from hurt and illness. As you'll read in that blogpost, I thought I could make the biggest impact through becoming a neuro scientist or researcher of some sort. Now, I feel that I can have the biggest impact through my writing, and as a businessman and hopefully eventually gain exposure for such work, and raise awareness and dialogue frequency in society regarding mental health.

That blogpost can be found here at http://josephng-brainchanger.blogspot.ca/2013/01/spiritual-healing.html

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Spiritual Healing

Originally, my idea for this blog was to get information to people about healing the mind, as well as use it as a personal format to express my own feelings and challenges.I think that I was approaching my writing from a conventional, purely scientific standpoint.

Even though I had been utilizing western medicine and health to deal with my anxieties, I had also been stressing the need for more holistic therapies such as meditation. However, I still was sharing my views of these alternative therapies from a neuroscientific standpoint.

My goal over the past few months was to get into a local technical institute to pursue a career in Neurophysiology. I know I want to study the brain and the mind, and help people who have had similar mental and emotional ordeals as me but I wasn't sure how I was going to go about it. Getting back into school to health science dealing with the brain seemed like the most logical and reasonable step.

More recent gains in personal understanding and awareness have led me to believe that perhaps I am on more of a spiritual journey- here to explore the holistic therapies as well as the scientific ones and combine and share these techniques with the world.

My ultimate goal here remains the same - healing the minds of others.

The world is rampant with negativity largely stemming from the manners in which we were conditioned to think. Sadly, most people are conditioned to believe that ignorance, fear, prejudice and greed are a way of life. It is the nature of today's primitive societal norms. This equates to widespread health problems, mental health issues, depression, anger, addiction and so forth.

Personally, I've had to deal with all of the above mentioned issues. Very few people are aware of the totality of my struggle - my parents and my wonderful wife- and the probably dozens of doctors, therapists and healers that have seen me over the last ten years. Only these people know that I have had to explore countless avenues in each- western medicine and practices, spiritual guidance and counsel, psycho therapeutic and analytical diagnoses and treatment and others- in order for me now, finally, to move forward

Now I am seeing the positive rewards, the joy of life and the possibilities of the universe that are unfolding for me. It's been a lot of work, and admittedly I have to increase my diligence, but for the first time ever, I am beginning to feel like I can put the past to rest, build a substantial life, and help others in a powerful way in doing so.

Thank you for reading. Peace and bless you.

Hello world! I'm starting my Publishing Company this week.

There is Always Hope. Never Forget that.