Hey Y’all!

My name’s Joe and I'm a Mental Health Journalist based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Through my struggles with anxiety, depression, trauma and addiction, I wish to show others, that everyone is capable of improving their circumstances.

I'm sharing my story, as an experiment, to see if it is possible live a life of health, wellness, and happiness.

Meditation: How to meditate with the wim hof method


In this video Joseph Ng from The Joseph Ng Publishing House talks about Meditation, Trendstacking and the Wim Hof Method. . If you are looking for help with learning how to meditate or the Wim Hof Breathing Technique you should definitely check out my video on the Iceman's Wim Hof Breathing Method or my video on how to meditate. Whether you're into yoga, meditation, mindfulness, spirituality or metaphysics...check out this video.

Cold Shower with the Wim Hof Method

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